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    WaveAlarm for Android

    WaveAlarm is not your ordinary alarm clock application. WaveAlarm is something new.  WaveAlarm features Motion Control technology, a new way to wake up in the morning.  With WaveAlarm, you never have to touch your phone to silence or snooze... just wave off the alarm!  No more fumbling around for your phone in the dark just to turn off the alarm.  A simple gesture and WaveAlarm will silence or snooze it for you! 

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    FMFinderLite for Android

    FMFinderLite helps you find radio stations near your current location.  Do you listen to FM radio while on the road?  Do you like to listen to radio in places you travel, but you have to search the dial because you are unfamiliar with the area?  FMFinderLite can help.

    Using the cellular network or the GPS in your phone, FMFinderLite shows you a list of radio stations that are within a configurable radius of your current location.  The application includes an up-to-date database of over 10,000 US FM radio stations.  Using a highly optimized algorithm, FMFinderLite can search through its complete database in milliseconds to provide you with stations for your listening pleasure.

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    Janus Application Architecture

    The Janus Application Architecture is a platform designed to support the next generation of mobile applications with content services and data analytics.  Janus is intended to take the disparate content and analytics services provided to each mobile application and unify these services under a common cloud-based platform. The platform is designed to provide a layer of abstraction between third-party content, data analytics providers, and mobile applications.  This is accomplished through a common applications programming interface (API) and content delivery system.

    Janus is in development and we do not currently have a release date.  Subscribe below and we will notify you when more information is available.


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